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Surfing at Sunset Surf Camp

Are you surfing beginners ?

To start in surfing nothing of such as a small quiet wave in a water in 28°, with adapted equipment and especially advice notified of a monitor of patented surfing instructor. To get all that, Sunset Surf Camp offers you all-day or half-day-trainings all included packages. Olivier our surfing monitor (No Comply Surf School) will take you at Sunset Surf Camp and will drive you to the most adapted beach. We meet at the Camp every morning at 9:30am or every afternoon at 2:30pm.

You are skilled surfer : the taxi surf of Peyo is for you

After more than twenty years spent on the waves of the islands, Peyo with his surf taxi will be able to drive you to the spots that work best depending on swell conditions. Departure times every morning at 9:30am or every afternoon at 2:30 pm ; unless the swell of North comes back and we left for the day to the spots of "Port Louis".

Your surfing equipment

No board? Want to try a new one according the weather conditions, the Surf Camp proposes you to rent one. Discover the board’s collection clicking : surf-boards.

Trip surfing for the spots’ discovery of the neighboring islands

If you wish to, we can organize trips to "Désirade", "Petite Terre" and in the "Grand Cul de Sac Marin" when the weather enables an optimum surfing.

The weather

The Internet station tells you every morning the wind and the swell so that you can choose the best place to surf.

Surfing'spots of Grande Terre : surfing spots of Grande Terre.

Surf at St-François
Surf at St-François Surfing at Sunset
Surfing au Sunset Peyo surf taxi
Peyo surf taxi

Kite surfing at Sunset Surf Camp

Located on the central beach of Saint Francois at 5 minutes cycling distance from the lodge, the kite surfing school proposes programs for all.

Training courses for beginners

You are a beginner, after 1 or 2 courses in not much water to allow you to discover the handling of the wing, your departures will be carried out in a zodiac to sail without risk to the sea for practice.

Advanced training courses

For skilled kite surfers your advanced courses will be held behind the reef, with the two 5 meters semi-rigid zodiac powered by a 60 HP engine. Your courses will last 3 hours, starting from 9h00 AM in the morning and at 2h00 PM in the afternoon.

Are you confirmd kite surfer ?

If you are a confirmed kite surfer, wishing to benefit from the set- up it’s possible to get an agreement with Philippe or François to have a place on the boat with the trainees

Ours kite surf partners

Action Kite Caraïbes : the oldest school of kitesurf in Guadeloupe. From Saint-François's "Base Nautique", Philippe and François both national monitors of kite surf, wait for you to drive you beyond the lagoon in the Zodiac, to make you discover the glide in kitesurf in translucent water. Far from any obstacles and thus in complete safety monitors will be in your quoted in a Zodiac to advise to you.

Easy Kite : Claude the professor of Easy Kite proposes you lessons of kitesurf on the Bois Jolan’s lagoon in Sainte-Anne's entrance. Bois Jolan’s spot is the ideal spot for the learning of the kitesurf from the beach. For 2 trainees maximum by the court you will take advantage of advice personalized by your monitor of the kite.

Turkoise Kite Club : on the Bois Jolan’s beach, Mika, national monitor of kite surf, always at your disposal proposes you : private lessons of kite surf, watched sessions, trips in the day, the rental of equipment of kitesurf and even Cruises kite surf to Antigua and its magnificent spot of Green Island.

Zodiac of kite surfing school
Zodiac of kite surfing school Kiting at Pointe des Châteaux
Kiting at Pointe des Châteaux Kiting on the St-François lagoon
Kiting on the St-François lagoon

Others activities offered by Sunset Surf Camp

Diving with NOA Plongée

Jhon, Yhan and Sacha, monitors of the scuba diving club "NOA Plongée" welcome you on the Marina of Saint-François. Discovery dives and formations FFESSM, CMASS or PADI takes place in the beautiful lagoon of Saint Francois. Certified divers can discover the beautiful reefs of the South of Grande Terre, the Pointe des Châteaux, Petite Terre and La Désirade.


Canyoning in the Basse Terre tropical forest with Vert Intense

Alain and his team wait for you every morning for a day of unforgettable cannoning on the hillsides of Soufrière’s volcano. In the program: discovery of bit and of its magnificent tropical vegetation, descents in reminderin torrents and waterfalls, natural slides and jumps in the most beautiful waterfalls of the South of Basse-Terre. Sensations and atmosphere guaranteed ...!

Canyoning in Basse Terre

Stand Up Paddle with Surf Action

Big novelty in the Caribbean, the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) arrives in Guadeloupe with all its range of activities and possibilities: Ben proposes you rides in SUP downwind in Saint François's lagoon, in magical mangrove swamp of Handle in the boat but also courts of surfing in SUP and fitness. Funny, glide and discovered at the same time!

Stand Up Paddle at St-François

Parachutism with Caraïbes Parachutisme

The single drop zone located in Saint François Guadeloupe is the one of most beautiful of the world. Offers his parachuting school "Caraïbes parachutisme" jumps at 4000 meters above the "Pointe des Châteaux" with views of the ocean and all the "Grande Terre". Ti Cailloux, Tatiana, Fany and their club instructors are there to help you discover the great thrill in a pro environment and ultra nice warranty...!

Drop over the Pointe des Châteaux

Excursions in the neighbourghood islands

Trips to Petite Terre, Les Saintes, La Désirade, Marie Galante thanks to maritime shuttles or in sailing boat from Saint François.

All the crew of the catamaran AWAK AWAK welcomes you . Cape to Petite Terre, for a dream day in this nature reserve : an island deserts and its lagoon. To the program observations of iguanas, coral funds, marine tortoises, lines, lemon sharks. For the lunch, barbecue on the beach in an atmosphere ultra-friendly.

Maritime shuttle

Golfing on : International golf of Saint-François

Near Marina, in 5 minutes from downtown, the international golf of Saint-François was drawn by the famous American architect Robert Trent Jones, a magnificent course of 18 holes, 5990 meters, PAR 71, lined with coconut palms and with royal palm trees, punctuated with sandy bunkers and with small puddles.

Golf of St-François

Horsemanship excursions with Le Haras de Saint François

Horse rides to discover the beauty of the coast of the Grande-Terre, the gallop guaranteed on magnificent deserted beaches!

Hiking along the wild cost

The free wheel mountain bikes of Sunset Surf Camp are at your disposal to discover the wild coast .

Municipal tennis of Saint François close of Sunset Surf Camp

And for all touristic infos about Guadeloupe : "L'office du tourisme de la Guadeloupe"

All tourist information which you need on the islands of Guadeloupe. The islands of all discoveries, the 7 charming islands of the Caribbean, where the sea, nature, culture and tastes arranged to meet to give you unforgettable stays.

Horse rides

Mountain bike hiking on Pointe des Châteaux

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